Saturday, July 13, 2013

Working Together

This past weekend we opened our church parking lot to visitors to the annual Girdwood Forest Fair.  This year we received over 2,000 dollars in donations, all which will be put into the chapel's Building Fund!  

We couldn't have done it without the volunteers from the congregation who not only helped folks park their vehicles and gather the donations; we also welcomed visitors into our chapel, making our bathrooms available, providing snacks, hot/cold drinks, even setting out bug spray and dog food!

There were numerous opportunities to share with folks the story of Girdwood Chapel.  We were encouraged when some would make an extra donation or tell us that they, too, were followers of Christ.  More than a few folks complimented us on the design of the church.  We hope some will take the time to visit this website and learn more about us.

This coming week we will be welcome a summer work team from Meridian, Mississippi.  They will be a BIG help as we continue to complete our building on the inside AND out.  This will also be another chance for our congregation to step up and be hospitable hosts ... provide housing, snacks, and work alongside believers from the Lower 48.  

These are chances for our little congregation to gain encouragement as we work together.  This is the LORD's chapel and the LORD's people are working together to build it.  Thank you for whatever role you play in helping in this effort.

(Check out our photos in the "Scrapbook" section of this website to see what's happening at Girdwood Chapel!)