Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to School!

Yes, it's that time of year again!  The start of school always seems to bring change --- whether its to our sleep patterns, our daily routines, even our priorities.  From now until May, life in Girdwood will, for the many people, revolve around the school year.

This week Girdwood School opened its doors to second through eighth graders.  (Kindergarteners and first graders will be ushered through the doors next week.)  

Perhaps the greatest change will be for our freshmen (high schoolers).  They no longer attend school in Girdwood.  This means getting up VERY early to meet the school bus that takes them to South High School in Anchorage.   We pray for all of our students, of course; but we put a little extra effort into praying for those who travel the scenic, but challenging forty-five minute route to and from Anchorage.

Girdwood Chapel helps support the local school in several ways.  One of these is our annual donation of school supplies to Girdwood School for those students that do not have them.  Members of the congregation are encouraged to bring their donations to the chapel on Sunday, August 25th. 

Also on this date we will have our annual "Blessing of the Backpacks" at the 10 a.m. service.  Students and teachers are encouraged to bring their backpacks, lunch boxes, briefcases, etc., to the service.  

Join with us as we pray for God's protection for our children as they travel to and from school, and for wisdom for the teachers and staff as they work with our students.  Most importantly, let's all remember to thank Him for giving us these wonderful children to bring up the "right way":

"Teach a child how to follow the right way; even when s/he is old, s/he will stay on course."  -- Proverbs 22:6