You Are Welcome at 
Girdwood Chapel

• "What happens at Sunday morning worship?"

A typical Sunday at Girdwood Chapel will find anywhere from 40 to 60 people gathered to worship God during our two morning services. The early (8:30) service is smaller and is more traditional.  It's a good choice for those who want to get onto the mountain when the lifts open, or just to begin their day a little earlier.  The 10 a.m. service is a bit more informal, with an occasional piece of contemporary music.  There is a "Children's Time" with the pastor.  

"Do I have to be Methodist to come?"

Certainly not!  In fact, it may surprise you to know that many who attend Girdwood Chapel come from a variety of denominations--some from none at all!

"Do I have to know anything special to come to the Chapel?"  

Because it is a Methodist church, Girdwood Chapel practices a more formal, scripted, liturgical style of worship format that may seem different than one you may have experienced elsewhere. However, the church atmosphere is relaxed and casual.  The service is conducted in a friendly, welcoming manner.  A bulletin is provided and portions of the service may be visible on the front wall to help.  Bibles are provided.

•  "What do I wear?"

Wear whatever you feel most comfortable wearing.  In the winter some of us come dressed ready to hit the ski slopes after the service; in summer, it is common to see t-shirts and shorts in the sanctuary.  Come as you are!

•  "What about Holy Communion?"

Girdwood Chapel offers Holy Communion (or the Lord's Supper) at the conclusion of every service.  The Communion table of every United Methodist congregation is open; that is to say, the Communion table is Christ's table, not a United Methodist table.  All are welcome to receive the bread and juice.  Participants neither have to be members of the denomination nor do they have to be baptized.  We receive the bread and juice at the front of the sanctuary.  We dip the bread in the juice (a process called "intinction") and return to our seats.  Occasionally we sing a song during this time.  Other times we reflect quietly on this symbolic meal.

•  "Do you perform weddings at the chapel?"

We do, indeed.  Please contact the chapel.  You will find the fee to be very reasonable.  Please be advised that we do not yet have kitchen facilities for full meal service.