Work Teams

Some work teams have left mementos of their time with us.

Almost from the moment Girdwood Chapel bought the parcel of land on Timberline Drive back in 2003, the congregation planned to build a permanent (and much larger) facility on the property.  Forty work teams have joined with members of our congregation in the construction of Girdwood Chapel thus far.  Their labor and financial assistance proved invaluable as a project of this magnitude certainly could NOT have been accomplished alone.

Construction began in 2003.  Despite several delays in receiving materials, we continued the task.  Our first service in the new facility was held on Christmas Day 2011.  You can view the progress of our sanctuary's construction in photos found under "Church History."  The video found in "About Us" has photos from work teams, as well.  Photos from our recent 2014 work teams from Mississippi, Kansas and Oklahoma have been posted in our "Scrapbook" link.

This summer's work teams almost finished the interior of the building.  We now have two bathrooms, a "warming kitchen," an open-space fellowship hall, a newly-varnished sanctuary floor, a relocated Food Pantry, and, perhaps most striking of all, the complete dismantling of the former chapel.  (Thanks for the memories!)

Perhaps you and your church would like to join in and help us complete our facility next summer.  If your church would like to take part in our work projects, please contact us and we'll be happy to schedule you in.  A vacation in Alaska with a purpose!  What could be better than THAT?  We hope to see you here in Girdwood soon!


UMC of Chugiak (Alaska)
New Albany UMC (New Albany, MS)
North Carolina Team
Texas Conference Team
Crossgates UMC (Brandon, MS)
Zionsville, UMC (Zionsville, IN)
St. Luke’s UMC (Indianapolis, IN)
Trinity UMC (Elkhart, IN)
Zeb Manning’s Team (Ellisville, MS)
Forest UMC (Forest, MS)
Bill Ware from Brandon, MS


Tennessee Conference
Meridian Street UMC (Indianapolis, IN)
First UMC (Griffith, IN)
First UMC (Corinth, MS)
Westchester UMC (Portland, IN)
First UMC (Valparaiso, IN)
Zeb Manning’s Team (Ellisville, MS)
Dale Zinn’s Team (Flora, IN)


Zionsville UMC (Zionsville, IN)
Cottonwood UMC (Cottonwood, AZ)
Trinity UMC (Elkhart, IN)
Zeb Manning’s Team (Ellisville, MS)
Roger Kinzie’s Team (Lost Creek, OK)

Annandale UMC (Washington, DC area)
Zionsville UMC (Zionsville, IN)

Pacific Northwest VIM Team
Zionsville UMC (Zionsville, IN)
Zeb Manning’s Team (Ellisville, MS)

Monroe UMC (Monroe, IN)
B.U.M.M.P. Team (Boulder United Methodist Mission Partners)
Zionsville UMC (Zionsville, IN)


Zionsville UMC (Zionsville, IN)
Zeb Manning's Team (Ellisville, MS)


Zionsville UMC (Zionsville, IN)
Zeb Manning's Team (Ellisville, MS)


Will Holder's Team (Meridian, MS)


Will Holder's Team (Meridian MS)
Wichita KS VIM Team
Marlow/Duncan OK VIM Team