Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Increasing Our "Visibility"

The Girdwood Chapel Steering Committee is looking for ways to increase our "visibility" in the community.  The congregation already believes that "Church is a Verb," so we recognize our role in being a visible form of Christ in our community.

But we also recognize that we need to be more creative in helping folks learn about us in other ways.  Not only have we increased our "visibility" on the Internet through this website and on Facebook; we are exploring other methods, as well:

Sunday morning - directional signs
Bumper/Window Decals

We are also in the process of designing a "rack card" that can be placed in various places around our community (e.g. the hotel, B&B's, community bulletin boards, etc.).  Please note that the design and wording of the rack card is not final.  Your input is important as we discuss and define who "we" are as a congregation.

If you have additional ideas that could increase Girdwood Chapel's "visibility," please let us know!  Hopefully, you will see more of "us" around town in the coming months!