Tuesday, January 15, 2013


In this "Electronic Age" that we live in, keeping in touch with one another is easier than ever (especially for those who have Internet access).  Girdwood Chapel can be found "online" in two places--this website and also on Facebook.  These websites give us two additional ways to communicate with each another as a congregation and with the community-at-large.

During this time of transition, our Intentional Interim Pastor (Linda Jean Myers) will help us determine how we maintain and even improve the way our church functions.  In the coming weeks we will have discussions concerning the direction(s) our congregation may choose to travel.  So it will be even more important for us to stay connected and informed.  One way we can do this more effectively is through the use of these two websites.

The responsibility of maintaining the flow of information will be shared between Linda Jean and Duane Magoon (member of the Lay Ministry Committee).  We intend to communicate *regularly* with you, so please check back frequently.  Let us know how we're doing.  Give us ideas how either/both websites can be improved.  For example, what type(s) of information do you want to have posted? (e.g. upcoming sermon topics? announcements? prayer requests/praise items? etc.)

You are encouraged to make public comments on either/both websites. (That's one way to know how involved our congregation is with this form of communication.)  However, if you wish to comment privately, please use the chapel's e-mail address (girdwoodchapel@gmail.com).  In either case, it is important that we hear from you!

See you in church Sunday?