Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Communication (updated)

Are you "In the Know"?

As you may have noticed, we're in a state of "transition" for the next few months as we await the appointment of a new pastor to Girdwood Chapel.  One of our goals during this time is for our church "family" to grow closer together.  

One way we can fulfill our mission ("love God, love others, change the world") is to communicate with one another.  As the Body of Christ, the left hand needs to know what the right hand is doing.  So we're stepping up the effort to become better informed / involved with one another through the use of this website, Facebook, e-mail messages and "listening to you" through an all-church survey (found on this website and as an insert in the church bulletin).

To date, we've received just eight (8) responses to the survey.  Seven e-mails to the church family  have been returned as undeliverable ("user unknown").  Telephone calls asking for corrections to the church directory have not been returned.

Please help us help you to be fully informed of what's happening at Girdwood Chapel.  There are some great days ahead of us as we prepare for the arrival of a new pastor in July.  This website will be updated frequently; email messages will be sent.  Phone calls will be made, as necessary.  So help us help you stay "in the know" by keeping our church directory information current.  Check in with us on Facebook.  Leave a comment on this website.  Thank you, in advance, for keeping in touch.