Friday, January 18, 2013

Survey Says ...

You might recall the famous line from the TV show "Family Feud" which features families guessing answers to questions asked by the producers of the studio audience.  Contestants guess the top answers and the moderator responds by saying, "and the survey says ...."

One the goals of the Lay Ministry Committee is to help "engage" people in the life of Girdwood Chapel.  Soon we will be seeking your input regarding past/present/future activities of the church.  We want to know what YOU say (think) about what we do here at Girdwood Chapel.  It won't take much time to fill out.

Please prayerfully consider which activities you support.  Which one(s) would you attend? help with? lead?  Feel free to add to the list, too!  We will distribute the survey soon (at church and here online).  The more of you who respond, the better idea we will have of what direction(s) our church can go in the coming year.

See you Sunday!